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River Street Sweets•Savannah's Candy Kitchen
We’re known for many things here at River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen — our World Famous Pralines®, our magical in-store experience and our distinctive Southern charm. But, the part of our reputation we’re most proud of has got to be the excellence and longevity of our staff members.

Though guests enjoy a seamless experience at an RSS•SCK candy franchise location, everything from candy creation to guest greetings is planned and highly orchestrated. Investors who purchase our candy store for sale benefit from an extensive and enjoyable training program, delivered by experts in candy-making and candy franchise operation.

Online and hands-on training for your candy store franchise

RSS•SCK franchise training is led by Rebecca Anderson, who begins training with an initial series of online sessions that reviews the history of the company, the basics of RSS•SCK’s candy creation and store operations. It also covers fundamentals of running a candy store franchise, including job training in all areas.

After each online training portion, franchisees take a quiz to test what they’ve learned. Anderson explains that it’s important for a candy store franchise owner to understand every aspect of the business.
candy cook making pralines at River Street Sweets
In addition to online training, candy franchise owners, their managers and select employees also visit our headquarters or one of our stores for training in candy-making. Training is lead by an expert in the particular confection at hand, whether it be pralines, fudge or chocolates. In addition to the recipe and actual cooking or creation of the candy, chocolate store franchise owners learn about safety and maintenance concerns related to the equipment they’ll use at their location. This portion of training lasts for about three weeks, but Anderson says RSS•SCK can accommodate extended training or additional training for managers and assistant managers.

The one thing Anderson won’t reveal is how much candy a franchise owner will eat during their candy-making training.

We don’t disclose how many pounds you gain during training,” she says.

Using dedicated URL access, franchisees complete their training on-site using a store device. The system automatically generates a weekly report for chocolate franchise owners to track who has completed training portions and who may be falling behind.

Many of RSS•SCK’s franchisees have significant longevity with the company, and Anderson says it’s largely due to the company’s excellent training program. It’s designed to teach staff members the skills they need, while also drawing out their best qualities.

We like to bring out the unique qualities of our hosts and hostesses because it makes the experience really genuine,” Anderson says. “We want them to be comfortable and be happy coming to work every day. If you invest the time in your hosts and hostesses, you will have a happier host or hostess who will stay.”

Need more information? Check out our candy franchise frequently asked questions.

You really can really open a candy store that delights your guests and benefits your hosts and hostesses. River Streets Sweets will show you how! Fill out the form below for more information about our candy store franchise or call (844) 842-9037.

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