Day: April 20, 2017

Our Candy Store Franchise Provides Comprehensive Training

on April 20, 2017

Training and Development Concept.As much fun as it is running a candy store — and we do love delighting guests with our delicious confections — it’s a business like any other. Operating a candy store franchise requires inventory and product knowledge, guest service, pricing and sampling, plus all the tasks that go into running the back end of the business like employee management, safety and sanitation, accounting and computer systems.
It’s a lot to learn, but with the excellent and thorough training offered through the River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen candy store franchise program, you can learn all this and more. When you open the doors on your first day of business, you can focus on the fun and excitement of serving guests and selling your products.

Keeping your RSS•SCK franchise running smoothly

This section of our franchise training program focuses on the heart of our business — the delicious handmade candies and confections that have made us famous. You’ll be handed the top secret RSS•SCK recipes and learn the production process of the pralines, caramel, chocolates and ice cream you’ll be making right in-store. We’ll also cover product ordering, receiving and storage procedures, and everything else you’ll need to know about retailing products, including merchandise display and pricing.

Investors in our candy store franchise concept will also be taught everything that goes into operations, including daily, weekly and monthly manager duties; opening and closing the store; and time management. These are the crucial day-to-day details that could otherwise leave you guessing, if not for our extensive franchise business training.

Interacting with employees and guests of your candy store franchise

Our candy brings guests through our doors, but it’s our commitment to a friendly environment and superb guest service that encourages them to return again and again. To help you master guest relations, our training includes learning the RSS•SCK Guest Service Philosophy, offering product and service knowledge, and sampling procedures. We even discuss the best way to answer the phone. Our sophisticated training program leaves no stone unturned!

Employees are the other critical human element to maintaining a smoothly functioning candy store franchise with growth potential. The RSS•SCK employee management training teaches you how to recruit and hire ideal hosts and hostesses, how to communicate with and motivate them, how to create efficient schedules, and the laws and regulations affecting their employment. We pride ourselves on our Southern hospitality, and we encourage our candy store franchise owners to have a team of employees who embody those ideals, too.

Business management of your sweet shop franchise

Once all the products and employees are in place, and you understand how to interact with guests, you’ll have to think about managing the candy business operations and your facility. Cleaning and equipment maintenance are crucial for us — we are a part of the food industry, after all. So, those who invest in our candy store franchise training program will learn food safety and sanitation procedures, including product handling and how to avoid cross-contamination. We also cover loss prevention, safety, burglary and robbery, and emergency procedures.

Our financial management and reporting training on the other hand details how to handle all different forms of payment and how to manage catalogue orders. We’ll go over our point-of-sale features and even show you how to make your bank deposits.

Find your way into a RSS•SCK candy store franchise opportunity

Our extensive training program, which comes with our Operations Manual, represents our endless commitment to our candy store franchise owners including franchise support. Our goal is to set you up for the best business experience possible. Get started today on your way to investing in an RSS•SCK franchise.

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