Day: December 6, 2017

Why You Should Choose a Candy Store Franchise

on December 6, 2017

savannah candy kitchen nashville storefront

The Candy Industry is Booming!

Are you an entrepreneurial-minded individual, and find yourself wanting to open a franchise? Many individuals with capital feel the same way, and are often wondering what kind of franchise would be best for them. While you may have considered a fast food opportunity, or possibly another franchising opportunity, you probably didn’t immediately think of choosing a candy franchise like River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. While many don’t think of candy as being a lucrative business, it has been growing consistently over the years. According to Candy Magazine, candy industry is now worth over $35 billion.

Many don’t think of the amount of money that’s made in the candy industry each year, but the numbers are staggering. Americans have a sweet tooth, and candy and chocolate fuel that. Over the next few years, the industry is expected to continue to grow, with opportunities opening up for business-oriented individuals to capitalize on that growth. Owning a River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen store puts you in the forefront of that industry. Plus, you can take solace in knowing that a venture in the candy industry helps to create, on average, seven or more jobs.

Join a Spectacular Brand That Puts Smiles on People’s Faces

Joining the River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen brand means being a part of a trusted and reliable brand that has been making southern delicacies for over 40 years. Joining our brand is a chance to be a part of a community and make an impact. Our community outreach programs have helped to build a community and ensure that small business owners are truly a part of the community in which they have their business.

Excellent Franchise Support Staff

River Street Sweets staff
River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen specializes in providing franchise support and guidance for franchise owners throughout the process. River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen also provides a helping hand for whatever aspects of the business may be burdensome. Our team is committed to helping franchisees succeed, and making sure that they have all the tools, knowledge, and advertising recommendations possible. With the ice cream franchise, nut shop franchise, chocolate franchise and fudge franchise, franchisees have the chance to diversify their offerings, add an additional revenue stream, and bring in more customers.

If you are interested in joining the candy industry, or if you want to learn more about the projected growth of the industry, contact River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen or fill out the form below to find out more about their available franchising opportunities.


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