Day: December 7, 2017

What returns can I get when I invest in a candy franchise?

on December 7, 2017

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Invest in a Candy Franchise with Rewarding Returns

The candy industry is a booming one, with billions of dollars of sales, millions of people employed, and high consumer demand for the product. Entrepreneurs interested in starting their own candy business should consider franchising with River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen to take advantage of their status as an established brand, their industry knowledge, and their support. With River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, you’ll be able to take advantage of a growing industry.

The Candy Industry Will Keep Growing

Candy sales are expected to reach almost $40 billion by 2020. Chocolate products make up a significant portion of that expected growth, and their demand is not likely to stop anytime soon. Premium chocolate candy sales have jumped by over 50 percent, while chocolate combined with other flavors has seen double that increase.

Current Trends Provide Unique Advantages

Changing consumer demands have forced many companies in the food industry to adjust their practices and refocus efforts on providing transparency in the making of their products. River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen has an advantage over others in the industry due to our open and production methods, showing that they’re already ahead of this trend. Using traditional recipes, each individual store prepares its products right in front of the customer. This places River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen franchisees in a uniquely beneficial position within the market, as consumers demand more open visibility and honesty when it comes to how our candy and chocolate products are made.

Receive Support from a Well-Established Network

The costs of creating a candy store from scratch may often be relatively cheaper than other entrepreneurial projects, with start-up costs typically averaging from $10,000 to $50,000. However, this does not include the increasing expenditures down the road in both time and money in order to maintain the business long-term. Smaller candy shops are typically at a serious disadvantage when attempting to market themselves in an especially competitive industry.

Confectionery franchise costs can be more expensive, but it is a significant value trade that essentially offers more bang for your buck. River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen franchisees receive a jump start into the world of candy sales with a brand that is not only well-regarded, but widely recognized for its stellar franchise program.

A Range of Options for Your Investment

Becoming a part of a franchise is a serious decision to make, not the least because of the costs associated with the process. That is why River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen offers different plans for potential franchisees to choose from. The price tags for each alternative is based on the size of the location desired for the new store, measured by the square footage of the space. A River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen franchise opportunity can be tailored to your specifications, allowing you to receive the appropriate returns for the value of your investment.

If you’re considering opening a candy store, contact River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen to learn more today!


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Is a Candy Store Business Right For Me?

on December 7, 2017

franchise family in front of River street sweets candy store
Grand opening of a River Streets Sweets candy store with franchisee’s family.
The candy industry is so popular that it has been able to generate up to $35 billion in sales annually. River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen occupies a sizable niche within the market , and wants to bring in others to join our family as members of our franchise. If you’re interested in owning your own candy business, then franchising may be the right move for you.

The Candy Industry Provides Opportunities for Growth

The candy industry is valued at $35 billion — and growing. The market has continued to expand as new trends in the food industry alter the landscape. Candy sales are driven primarily by chocolate and premium products, which have seen tremendous upticks in sales and are projected to expand further by the end of the decade.

Anyone of Any Background Can Join

River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen offers a franchise opportunity for almost anyone to take advantage of. The groundwork for handling the product is already provided as part of the agreement; all that is required on the franchisee’s end is that they bring a dedication to working with people in order to offer guests the best experience. River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen also provides discounts to military veterans seeking to join the franchisee program, in honor of their service and in recognition of the unique skill sets they bring to the franchise.

Build a Business Using an Established Framework

Franchises offer potential entrepreneurs the chance to start their own business from an already recognized and proven model. In the case of River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen franchisees, they will have access to the recipes and training that have made us so successful in the confectionery market. They will also have access to River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen’s recognizable brand and extensive marketing campaigns including our online store franchise opportunities that help bring awareness to the stores in the franchise.

It Is a People Business

River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen is a franchise model built on maintaining relationships. Customer interaction is a very important aspect of any River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen store. Standard practices actively encourage the consumer to observe the candy preparation procedures that go into making their order. The interactive nature of the process allows River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen stores to build a bond with their customers.


Join a Network That Supports its Community

Part of River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen’s commitment to people entails giving back when able through community outreach. River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen gives to numerous causes, including the Caretta Research Project, Meals on Wheels, and the Bethesda Home for Boys. We also sponsor several events in the Savannah area, in addition to donating our delicious products when able.

The River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen family will offer you access to bountiful opportunities to grow and interact regularly with your neighbors, friends, and family, in addition to a sweet business. If your looking for a candy store for sale or if you’re interested in this candy store franchising opportunity, fill out the form below or contact us to learn more.


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