Day: May 23, 2019

The importance of Social Media as a marketing tool

on May 23, 2019

As a candy franchise owner of River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, word of mouth and foot traffic both play critical steps within your marketing approach. However, gone are the days where you can simply rely completely on potential guests discovering your storefront based on location. Now more than ever before individuals in search of sweets turn to Facebook, look up images on Instagram, and investigate how toffee is made on YouTube. With the importance of social media, it is critical for your overall success to fully take advantage of the power of social media.

1. Instant Answers
Modern consumers want instant answers. They don’t want to pick up the phone and call in hopes of a knowledgeable representative answering. They also don’t want to email and wait days for a reply. If they are unable to receive a quick reply they will turn to the competition. With social media you give guests the ability to connect and communicate with you instantly. Whether through comments on posts or through direct messages, this is an easy way to ask you questions and to begin the guest experience long before they enter your doors. You just need to make sure and reply quickly. You never know when someone will need last minute treats for a party or wants to know if the candy contains nuts.

Posting pictures of fresh candies, as they are made, is a great way to draw attention to locals and potential visitors to your city.

2. Your Pictures Sell
People love food photographs. There are entire social media accounts based completely on snapping pretty pictures of food. As a candy franchise owner that’s essentially your business. Sharing photographs of sweet treats, snacks, new creations, and anything else you sell is a great way to highlight what sets your candy shop apart.
Your pictures can also highlight the fact that you hand make a number of your treats in-house. There’s a good chance no other candy shop in the area does that. Guests may not have known this before you posted the images, which will draw them into your store.

3. Another Search Engine
YouTube not only is the second largest social media platform but it’s also the second largest search engine as well. By creating videos and posting to YouTube you can share the images on Facebook, share video links in email ads and on your homepage. You also will improve your Internet footprint as now users will be able to find you on both Google and YouTube as well as many other search engines.

Updating followers and connecting with potential guests through social media gives your candy franchise free advertising. It increases the potential of a new client discovering what you have to offer. So from answering questions posted on Facebook to highlighting your latest creations on Instagram, by using social media in your store’s marketing approach you will drive brand-new traffic to your brick and mortar location. If you’re not yet a franchise owner now is the time to act!

Our Franchise Marketing team is on your side with support for all your social media needs. We set up social accounts for your location and assist in monitoring and posting!