Day: June 3, 2019

Best Franchise Types to Consider for Summer

on June 3, 2019

Investing in a food franchise gives you a great way to be a business owner while offering tasty treats to costumers. During summer, certain food franchises tend to thrive, whether they’re selling treats to help people cool off or providing delicious and convenient meals for a casual lunch or evening, The following food franchises are among the best types to consider investing in for the summer months.

Ice Cream

From hot fudge sundaes and banana splits to traditional ice cream cones, ice cream franchises have a lot to offer customers. These sweet treats can provide instant relief from the heat. Some franchises offer a wide range of ice cream flavors, as well as toppings, cone types and other options.


Walking into an old-fashioned candy shop can make adult customers feel like kids again while delighting younger customers. A confectionery franchise can bring back summer childhood memories or give customers a way to create new memories with kids or grandkids. Homemade treats, such as chocolate-covered nuts, or traditional summer sweets like saltwater taffy can offer sweet-tooth satisfaction for customers of all ages.


Smoothie franchises offer a way to help customers cool off with a more nutritious treat. Fruit smoothies, especially those made with real fruits and lower amounts of sugar, are a good summer treat for more health-conscious customers who are craving sweetness and looking for an escape from the heat or an afternoon energy boost.

Shaved Ice

Shaved ice provides a simple yet satisfying treat when it’s hot out. These franchises typically mean you’ll be dealing with fewer ingredients overall compared to ice cream and other franchises. Customers can enjoy cooling off with a cup or paper cone filled with shaved ice and their choice of flavoring.


Barbecued foods go hand in hand with summer. Having a barbecue food franchise means you can provide customers with an easy, seasonal meal when they don’t want to fire up the grill at home. From barbecue chicken and pulled pork to traditional side dishes, such as baked beans or mac and cheese, these franchises can hit the spot when customers want a filling yet quick lunch or dinner.

If you’re thinking of buying a confectionery franchise this summer, River Street Sweets® gives you an opportunity to sell homemade candy, ice cream, chocolate-covered strawberries and other sweet treats. Contact us to get more information on our franchise opportunities.