Day: December 1, 2019

Keeping Your Ice Cream and Confectionery Franchise Successful During Winter

on December 1, 2019

When you own a confectionery franchise that includes ice cream, sales can be a bit slower during the winter months. Cooler weather means that fewer people are looking for a way to beat the heat with a bowl of ice cream or an ice cream cone. However, you can make sure your franchise stays as busy as ever in winter with the following ideas.

Seasonal Flavors

Customers might not be in the mood for traditional ice cream flavors during winter, but seasonal flavors can be a big hit. Consider offering special flavors for the colder months that tie into the season, such as peppermint, gingerbread, apple cider or even egg nog. Highlight these seasonal flavors in your marketing plan for winter to draw customers to your franchise. Keep in mind that only making these flavors available for a limited time can encourage customers to come to your shop, so that they don’t miss out.

Holiday Gift Offerings

Since the holiday season occurs during winter, this gives you a great way to attract customers to your confectionery franchise. Offer homemade pints of ice cream or jars of homemade ice cream toppings in addition to candy holiday gifts. You can also sell holiday gift cards for your franchise that customers can give to loved ones, which helps you gain new customers.

Hot Toppings

Ice cream on its own might not be a cold weather treat, but hot toppings can change that. Hot fudge, caramel, blueberry sauce, glazed apple slices and other warm toppings can entice customers to stop by on a cold winter day, even if it’s freezing out. Draw attention to these toppings by offering specials on hot fudge sundaes and similar ice cream treats.

Ice Cream Cakes

If you don’t offer ice cream cakes already, consider adding them to your franchise. Customers look for these cakes for birthdays and other special events even in winter. Having a selection of ice cream cakes available that can be personalized can boost business for your franchise all winter long. If your franchise offers homemade candies, keep in mind that you might be able to use these as special toppings for ice cream cakes.

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