Day: August 19, 2022

Celebrate International Chocolate Day

on August 19, 2022

International Chocolate Day is coming up on September 13th. While every day is a good day to appreciate chocolate, this day offers a chance to do so in a memorable way. The following are some ideas to consider when you want to celebrate this special day.

Open a Chocolate Franchise

International Chocolate Day is a fitting day to start thinking about opening a chocolate franchise. Having a franchise means you can make a living selling chocolate treats. When you join an existing franchise, you’ll typically be given what you need to get set up, which makes it easier to start your business. From chocolate fudge and chocolate candies to chocolate ice cream and gelato, you can make sure your local community has tons of goodies to choose from.

Already Have a Chocolate Franchise?

If you’ve already opened a chocolate or confectionery franchise, here are some fun ways to celebrate International Chocolate Day in your store.

Throw a Chocolate Party

Celebrate International Chocolate Day in an exciting way with a party. Plan a party with a chocolate theme, such as chocolate-flavored beverages, chocolate treats, and other chocolate foods to enjoy. Offer a wide range of chocolates for guests to try, such as chocolate-covered apples or chocolate truffles. Decorate in shades of brown and tan for dark and milk chocolate, and look for chocolate-themed designs to hang up around your store. You could even offer a free chocolate praline to the first 50 guests of the day.

Try a New Chocolate Recipe

If there’s a chocolate recipe you’ve been wanting to try, plan on making it on Sept. 13th and sharing it in the store. You can also look around for new recipes if you need ideas for chocolate desserts, snacks, or other treats to make. From chocolate cake and cookies to chocolate-covered pretzels and chocolate-covered nuts, try your hand at making a new recipe on this special day. It could be as simple as a new, creative decoration on your chocolate peanut butter cups or a unique chocolate cluster.

Put Chocolate Gifts on Sale

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day to give friends and family chocolate gifts. Create some fun, new chocolate gift items for International Chocolate Day and offer a small discount incentive. It doesn’t have to be a big, fancy gift basket. Simply gather some best-selling chocolate items and a few other candy favorites into a gift bag for an assortment of chocolates to savor. Chocolate gifts are always popular and will increase your average price point above the typical stand alone items.

If you’re interested in learning more about being part of a chocolate franchise, please contact River Street Sweets for more information. We offer chocolate franchise opportunities, as well as confectionery franchise and candy franchise opportunities.