Day: December 14, 2022

6 Ideas to Generate Holiday Sales

on December 14, 2022

Holiday sales can bring in extra sales and new customers. With the right marketing, these new customers could become repeat customers who help support your confectionery franchise business for the remainder of the year.

  1. Put Your Holiday Treats Up Front and Center
  2. Your bestsellers during the year may not necessarily be the most festive treats. During the holiday season, the most colorful and festive selection from your chocolate franchise store should get center stage, and the best sellers should flank or be behind them temporarily. Your best sellers will always be available, but you want to attract new customers with your holiday-styled selection of goodies. Showcase them to bring customers in the door.

  3. Add Supplemental Items
  4. The holiday season is a time when people are eating more, baking, and decorating. In addition to candy, you can add other merchandise to your store for additional sales. Your customers may come in the door for confectionaries, but they will see the other items you are selling, such as stockings, tree ornaments, and holiday-themed decor, and fill their shopping bags with more than they planned.

  5. Decorate the Store
  6. You’ll want to create a festive atmosphere inside the store that will make passersby want to come in. Add string lights around your picture window, with wreaths and boughs as appraised. Decorate your shop as if you were decorating your own living room. Add festive music so that, the moment customers walk through your door, they feel the holiday spirit.

  7. Place Holiday-Themed Advertisements
  8. In your ads around the holiday season, make sure you use digital art to create a holiday-themed ad. This is a sign to potential customers that your store is in the holiday spirit, and they can expect to find holiday-inspired confections.

  9. Make Gift-Giving Easy
  10. Bundle up a few of your most attractive items into holiday-themed gift baskets or give boxes. Price them accordingly and offer them to your customers as an easy gift they can buy for their holiday hostess gifts and other holiday gift needs. Make it even better by offering gift wrapping for the boxed bundles.

  11. Give Tastings
  12. Have a tray available with a variety of confectioneries for customers to sample for free. This will generate more sales as people will experience a new taste and fall in love with even more of your products.

Generating more holiday sales during the fall and winter seasons is a matter of combining creativity with some old-fashioned marketing strategy. For information about opening up your own candy franchise store, please contact us today!