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3 Ways for Your Candy Franchise to Give Back to Your Local Community

on October 19, 2021

Your local community plays a big role in helping your candy franchise succeed. As a way to thank your loyal customers and make a great impression on new ones, consider giving back to your community. Taking the time and effort to do this is a great way to show that you care about your local community while also being an effective marketing option. The following are a few ideas for ways to give back to your community.


Schools and other local organizations often hold fundraisers in order to raise money for events, supplies and other purposes. As a candy franchise owner, you can work with these organizations in setting up fundraisers. For example, you can offer a selection of your products for people to purchase for holidays and gifts or just to have around the house. The proceeds of these purchases can then go to the organization. You can also partner with the organization to create an eye-catching brochure or order form for customers, which allows you to showcase some of your best-selling items.

Candy Donations and Food Drives

Donating your products to support a good cause in your area is another good way to support your community. You can look for local organizations that are accepting candy donations, and provide these groups with some of your products. If you have trouble finding local organizations that accept candy donations, you can help in other ways, such as through food drives. You can raise awareness about current or upcoming local food drives, or ask customers to bring items for donation to your shop. You can then gather these items, and bring them to a local food pantry or food bank.

Support Other Local Small Businesses

Giving back to your community can also involve helping other small businesses in your area. Your franchise can partner with other businesses to host events or offer specials on certain purchases. For example, customers might be able to earn a free product from your franchise when they use a local service or purchase local goods from another business.

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