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How to Prepare Your Franchise for the Holiday Season

on October 12, 2022

The holiday season is a busy time for retail in general as shoppers look for gifts to give loved ones. Whether you run a candy franchise or another type of franchise, you can expect business to pick up this time of year. Taking steps to prepare for the holiday season helps ensure that you’re able to provide your customers with outstanding service, no matter how busy your store gets. The following tips can help you get your franchise ready for the holidays.

Stock Up on Supplies

Since you should be getting more customers than usual during the holiday season, it’s important to make sure you’re well-stocked. Go through your inventory, and stock up on supplies you’ll need. If you have a confectionery franchise, for example, order enough ingredients and other supplies to make your candy or chocolate items.

Depending on how much busier you expect the holidays to be, you might need to order slightly more or a lot more inventory than usual. If your franchise is in a busy part of town, such as in a mall or in an area that tourists often visit, you should plan on ordering significantly more inventory ahead of the holiday season.

Come Up With Holiday Sales or Discount Ideas

The holidays are a great time to offer special sales or discounts. As people do holiday shopping, they’ll be looking for ways to save money. Being able to offer discounted prices or sales on some of your items can attract more business. For example, you might run a sale on items that customers can purchase to give as gifts or offer discounts on bulk orders.

Offer Seasonal Items

Offering new items on a seasonal basis is an effective way to draw more customers to your store. For example, you might come up with a few seasonal flavors or seasonal treats for your candy franchise during the holiday season. Having seasonal items can entice regular customers to keep coming to your store while also attracting new customers who are curious about your products.

If you’re looking into running a confectionery franchise this holiday season, contact River Street Sweets. We can provide you with the opportunity to manage your own franchise selling candy, chocolate, ice cream, and other sweets.

Celebrate International Chocolate Day

on August 19, 2022

International Chocolate Day is coming up on September 13th. While every day is a good day to appreciate chocolate, this day offers a chance to do so in a memorable way. The following are some ideas to consider when you want to celebrate this special day.

Open a Chocolate Franchise

International Chocolate Day is a fitting day to start thinking about opening a chocolate franchise. Having a franchise means you can make a living selling chocolate treats. When you join an existing franchise, you’ll typically be given what you need to get set up, which makes it easier to start your business. From chocolate fudge and chocolate candies to chocolate ice cream and gelato, you can make sure your local community has tons of goodies to choose from.

Already Have a Chocolate Franchise?

If you’ve already opened a chocolate or confectionery franchise, here are some fun ways to celebrate International Chocolate Day in your store.

Throw a Chocolate Party

Celebrate International Chocolate Day in an exciting way with a party. Plan a party with a chocolate theme, such as chocolate-flavored beverages, chocolate treats, and other chocolate foods to enjoy. Offer a wide range of chocolates for guests to try, such as chocolate-covered apples or chocolate truffles. Decorate in shades of brown and tan for dark and milk chocolate, and look for chocolate-themed designs to hang up around your store. You could even offer a free chocolate praline to the first 50 guests of the day.

Try a New Chocolate Recipe

If there’s a chocolate recipe you’ve been wanting to try, plan on making it on Sept. 13th and sharing it in the store. You can also look around for new recipes if you need ideas for chocolate desserts, snacks, or other treats to make. From chocolate cake and cookies to chocolate-covered pretzels and chocolate-covered nuts, try your hand at making a new recipe on this special day. It could be as simple as a new, creative decoration on your chocolate peanut butter cups or a unique chocolate cluster.

Put Chocolate Gifts on Sale

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day to give friends and family chocolate gifts. Create some fun, new chocolate gift items for International Chocolate Day and offer a small discount incentive. It doesn’t have to be a big, fancy gift basket. Simply gather some best-selling chocolate items and a few other candy favorites into a gift bag for an assortment of chocolates to savor. Chocolate gifts are always popular and will increase your average price point above the typical stand alone items.

If you’re interested in learning more about being part of a chocolate franchise, please contact River Street Sweets for more information. We offer chocolate franchise opportunities, as well as confectionery franchise and candy franchise opportunities.

What Is The Difference Between Ice Cream and Gelato?

on August 3, 2022

When it comes to frozen treats served at candy franchise, Americans are in love with ice cream. Ice cream in this country dates all the way back to 1770, when the first ice cream parlors were opened in New York City. Of course, ice cream had been invented long before that, but its exact origins are unknown.

In the meantime, Italians were enjoying their own kind of frozen treat, called gelato. Gelato in Italy came about during the Italian Renaissance, when architect Bernardo Buontalenti officially developed it into a treat that was served at a banquet in honor of the King of Spain.

What is Ice Cream?

Ice cream is a concoction made up of milk, sugar and cream. These ingredients are blended, churned and then frozen for several hours. If the churning stage is eliminated, all that would be achieved is a frozen block of a milky blend. The churning process breaks the ice crystals down so they’re smaller, and introduces air into the mixture.

Flavors and extra ingredients are often added before churning in order to produce ice cream favorites such as pistachio, butter pecan, chocolate fudge, strawberry and more.

Upon serving, many Americans enjoy adding even more ingredients to a dish of ice cream, including hot fudge, caramel sauce, whipped cream, nuts, sprinkles and other “embellishments,” which add flavor and texture.

How is Ice Cream Different From Gelato?

Gelato is similar to ice cream only in that it is a frozen dairy treat. Gelato is the Italian version of ice cream, but it’s quite different.

Texture – Gelato is much richer and denser than ice cream. Ice cream could be described as being creamier and more milky than gelato.

Ingredients – Traditional gelato recipes call for a much larger ratio of milk to cream than ice cream does. Ice cream contains more cream and less milk, whereas gelato has more milk and less cream.

Also, gelato contains only between four and nine percent of butterfat. Ice cream has 14 to 25 percent butterfat.

Due to the differences in processing, ice cream contains more air than gelato. This is a big reason why gelato ends up being the denser of the two treats.

Temperature – Finally, gelato is traditionally served at about 10 degrees warmer than ice cream.

Whether you’re serving up ice cream or gelato, your customers will love you for it. Why not taste what it’s like to start a sweet confectionary  franchise in your area? Contact River Street Sweets to learn more.


Cool Off With Ice Cream and Gelato

on July 7, 2022

When the weather heats up, a cup of gelato or an ice cream cone makes an ideal treat. These summer delights offer a tasty way to cool off, especially on the hottest days. If you’re looking for a great way to make sure your community has these delicious treats available, consider joining an ice cream or gelato franchise. Learning more about these seasonal favorites can help you understand the differences between them and why they’re in demand.

Sweet and Creamy Ice Cream

Ice cream has been a traditional summer treat for decades. It’s made from a combination of cream, milk, and egg yolks, giving it a creamier texture than gelato. The way ice cream is made also sets it apart from its silkier cousin. Ice cream is churned at a higher speed than gelato, which makes it lighter and less dense. It’s also stored at a colder temperature than gelato and served while it’s still completely frozen.

When it comes to flavors, ice cream is available in a wide range. From traditional chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry to more exotic flavors, ice cream is known for having plenty of options to choose from.

Smooth and Silky Gelato

Gelato, which is the Italian word for ice cream, also provides a delicious way to stay cool in the summer heat. Unlike ice cream, gelato has a denser consistency due to its ingredients and the way it’s made. Although ice cream and gelato both have cream and milk as main ingredients, gelato contains more milk than cream. Ice cream has more cream than milk. Gelato also usually doesn’t contain any eggs as ice cream does.

When gelato is made, it’s churned more slowly than ice cream, resulting in a denser, smoother, and silkier texture. Gelato is often stored at temperatures that are a bit warmer compared to ice cream. Since it’s not entirely frozen when it’s served, gelato typically has a softer texture when eaten.

Gelato comes in a smaller range of flavors than ice cream overall. However, its texture, serving temperature, and consistency lead to a more intense taste than ice cream.


If you’re interested in starting an ice cream franchise in your community, please contact River Street Sweets. Our ice cream franchise includes handmade gelato and ice cream in traditional and modern flavors, so you can offer your community the best of both worlds.

Is a Candy Franchise Right For You?

on June 10, 2022

When you want to become a business owner in the confectionery or candy industry, starting one on your own from scratch can be incredibly difficult. Joining a candy or confectionery franchise can offer a more convenient and lucrative way to run a successful business in your area. Before making this decision, it’s important to determine if becoming part of a franchise is right for you.

Think About Your Interest in the Product

If you’re mainly focused on making money from a franchise and have little to no interest in the products you sell, you might find that’s it’s harder to achieve success. Having a strong interest in your products can motivate you to attract customers and make sure your business thrives. If you have a passion for selling high-quality sweets to customers, a candy franchise can be a great option.

Be Willing to Follow a Franchise’s Particular System

Franchises often have at least a basic set of rules and standards that franchisees are expected to follow. As a franchisee, you’ll also have specific products to sell rather than coming up with your own line of products. If you’re open to following a franchise’s rules or system, becoming a franchisee might be the ideal option for you. Keep in mind that when you’re part of a franchise, you don’t have to worry about creating a logo, signage, products, and other items on your own. The franchise you join should provide you with what you need to get started, as well as what you need for promoting and selling products.

Be Prepared to Work Hard

While franchises typically provide franchisees with equipment, products, signage, and other items, running your franchise won’t necessarily be easy. If you’re willing to work hard at ensuring high levels of customer service and maintaining skilled, properly trained, and motivated employees, you’re likely to make a successful business owner.

Have Adequate Funding

Becoming part of a franchise requires an initial investment on your part. When considering whether you should join a franchise, make sure you have the capital you’ll need for this investment. You might also have other fees to cover, such as advertising fees and technology fees.

If you’re thinking about becoming part of a franchise and exploring your options, please contact River Street Sweets. We’re happy to answer your questions and provide you with more information on joining our franchise, whether you want to sell candy, ice cream, or chocolate.

Celebrate Summer With Your Own Chocolate Franchise

on May 11, 2022

Chocolate isn’t just for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. In fact, World Chocolate Day is coming up on July 7th. In honor of this occasion, consider opening your own chocolate franchise this summer. Chocolate makes a great treat for people of all ages when it’s warm out. Learn more about why you should think about running this type of franchise.

Put a Chocolate Spin on Traditional Summer Treats

People often turn to cold treats, such as ice cream and popsicles, to help them cool off when it’s hot out. Instead of heading to the local ice cream shop, have them head to your chocolate shop by offering chocolate ice cream and gelato. These tasty and refreshing chocolate items make great summer treats for young and old. Keep in mind that you can offer other flavors at your franchise as well, as long as you’re providing customers with high-quality, handcrafted ice cream and gelato.

Offer Chocolate Movie Snacks

During summer when the kids are out of school, some families have movie nights at home. Some towns also offer movies under the stars where they show outdoor movies on a big screen. Many drive-in movie theaters are also open during the summer months. Families and other customers can stock up on chocolate snacks to enjoy while watching movies this summer. Your franchise can offer snacks that are easy to eat during movies, such as chocolate-covered pretzels and chocolate nut clusters.

Sign Up for Local Festivals and Events

The summer months are often filled with local festivals and events in many towns and cities, including food festivals, arts festivals, carnivals, and street fairs. This is an ideal opportunity to sell your chocolate treats and gain more customers. Sign up as a vendor for festivals and events in your area. Offer delicious treats for all ages, such as chocolate truffles and chocolate-covered almond toffee, or delight kids with chocolate candy apples and chocolate fudge.

Start Your Chocolate Franchise Today

If you would like more information on starting a chocolate franchise, please contact River Street Sweets. We offer chocolate store franchises that feature chocolates made from tried and true family recipes handed down over the generations. From chocolate loggerheads to chocolate-covered caramel apples and chocolate ice cream, you can sell a wide range of delicious treats to customers in your area starting this season.

Enjoy a Stress-Free Retirement With a Candy Franchise

on April 21, 2022

If you’re looking for a way to stay active and stress-free in your retirement years, a candy store franchise is a great option. When you own your own candy store franchise, you’re your own boss. Best of all, you can do it all in the best environment possible. Here are just some of the many reasons why owning a River Street Sweets franchise is the best stress-free business there is.

Happy Customers

Customers of a candy store are always happy to walk through the doors. They come in with smiles on their faces because they know they’re in for a joyful experience. That’s why a candy store franchise rarely needs excessive marketing to attract customers.

Stay Youthful

If you enjoy feeling younger than your years, spending quality time in the company of children is the way to go. Children’s natural innocence and exuberance in your candy store will keep your heart young and vital.

Supply Chain Issues Non-Existent

Supply chain issues won’t be a problem when you own a River Street Sweets franchise. Our operations are local, so you’ll always have access to fresh ingredients and supplies to keep your franchise store well-stocked and ready to serve as many customers as you can handle.

Low Stress Franchise

Candy is a “feel good” product. People love to smell it, look at it, taste it, and give and get candy as a gift. There’s no downside to selling candy; especially delicious River Street Sweets candy. Candy has a special effect on people. It makes them feel good about the world and themselves.

The way your customers look at candy shows in the positive environment that is created when you have a store full of customers. Even when your franchise store is full—and it will be!__you’ll see the best of humanity; laughter, smiles and good manners as your candy is eagerly purchased.

Finally, when you own a confectionary franchise, you’ll be a part of something special. Candy stores are the stuff of happy childhood memories. Parents and children will look fondly on their days spent inside your candy store. You’ll be helping families make memories.

A candy franchise can help all of your stress-free retirement dreams come true. You’ll be able to earn money while enjoying all these benefits. Isn’t it time you did something special for yourself? Contact us to learn more.

3 Ways for Your Candy Franchise to Give Back to Your Local Community

on October 19, 2021

Your local community plays a big role in helping your candy franchise succeed. As a way to thank your loyal customers and make a great impression on new ones, consider giving back to your community. Taking the time and effort to do this is a great way to show that you care about your local community while also being an effective marketing option. The following are a few ideas for ways to give back to your community.


Schools and other local organizations often hold fundraisers in order to raise money for events, supplies and other purposes. As a candy franchise owner, you can work with these organizations in setting up fundraisers. For example, you can offer a selection of your products for people to purchase for holidays and gifts or just to have around the house. The proceeds of these purchases can then go to the organization. You can also partner with the organization to create an eye-catching brochure or order form for customers, which allows you to showcase some of your best-selling items.

Candy Donations and Food Drives

Donating your products to support a good cause in your area is another good way to support your community. You can look for local organizations that are accepting candy donations, and provide these groups with some of your products. If you have trouble finding local organizations that accept candy donations, you can help in other ways, such as through food drives. You can raise awareness about current or upcoming local food drives, or ask customers to bring items for donation to your shop. You can then gather these items, and bring them to a local food pantry or food bank.

Support Other Local Small Businesses

Giving back to your community can also involve helping other small businesses in your area. Your franchise can partner with other businesses to host events or offer specials on certain purchases. For example, customers might be able to earn a free product from your franchise when they use a local service or purchase local goods from another business.

If you’re looking for more information on owning a confectionery franchise, please contact River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen today. We’ll help you get started and provide you with the training needed to run a successful franchise. At River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, we’re also proud to support our local community through food drives, fundraisers and more.

Summer Marketing Ideas for Your Candy or Ice Cream Franchise

on July 1, 2021

Summer is a great time to work on bringing more customers to your ice cream or candy franchise. The hotter weather makes ice cream a refreshing treat for customers. Gourmet candy, such as handmade caramel and saltwater taffy, offers a deliciously sweet treat for customers of all ages. The following marketing ideas can help boost your candy or ice cream franchise this summer.

Celebrate Fun Food Holidays

Several fun food holidays are coming up in July and August. You can market certain treats to tie into these holidays, depending on what your franchise offers. For example, highlight or offer lower prices on chocolate-covered cherries, candy with cherry filling, cherry ice cream or sundaes with a cherry on top for National Cherry Day on July 16th. Other upcoming food holidays to celebrate include National Ice Cream Day on July 18th, National Hot Fudge Sundae Day on July 25th, National Soft Ice Cream Day on Aug. 19th and National Banana Split Day on Aug. 25th.

Participate in Summer Outdoor Festivals and Events

With restrictions on gatherings being loosened, many areas are having outdoor summer festivals and events. You might have missed out on being able to take part in these last summer, but you can make up for it this summer. Look into outdoor festivals and events that are being held in your area this season, and sign up as a vendor. Setting up a stand or booth as a vendor means you can offer samples and sell your sweets to event attendees. This provides you with a good way to gain new customers and spread the word about your franchise.

Welcome New Residents

Summer is normally a busy time for moving, especially in this year’s booming housing market. With so many people buying or renting and moving into new homes or apartments, consider welcoming them to your area. Advertise or mail coupons or specials to new homeowners and tenants. This helps those who are new to the area learn about your franchise, so you don’t have to wait for them to discover it on their own. Those who are doing a local move will appreciate being able to enjoy a tasteful treat from their favorite franchise at a discount.

If you’re thinking of opening a candy or ice cream franchise this summer, please contact us today to learn more about River Street Sweets franchise opportunities.

6 Tips for Small Business Success in the Pandemic

on October 15, 2020

For small businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant thinking creatively to engage customers and keep them curious, interested, safe and buying. Here are 6 tips for small-business success during the pandemic.

1. Increase Advertising

Now is not the time to be reducing your advertising and marketing budgets. As some areas reopen and others remain in a state of lockdown, it’s time to reinforce that you are open for business, providing a safe shopping environment and still providing excellent products.

2. Host Virtual Events

Some customers may continue to be wary about participating in in-person shopping. And other opportunities to engage with potential customers – festivals, farmers’ markets, fairs and conferences – are still virtual. There’s no reason why your business can’t host its own virtual event, too. It’s a great way to engage but returning and new customers.

3. Boost Social Media Presence

Social media is an ideal way to find and engage audiences. Make sure you consider your channels carefully. For many businesses, Facebook is an ideal channel on which to have a presence. But there are other options, too, including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. The beauty of using multiple channels is that you can repurpose content and cross-promote, driving people to your website.

4. Demonstrate Safety

Customers may not be fully ready to shop in person. That means you need to show the steps you are taking to ensure a safe shopping experience. Post your safety guidelines, photos of your employees wearing masks, and reassure people that they can have an enjoyable time in your shop without endangering their health and safety.

5. Engage Your Employees

Your employees are consumers, too. Be sure to ask them about ideas for helping to promote the business, keep customers feeling safe, and improving the in-store experience. Also be sure you are aware of their needs, worries and feelings during the pandemic, to help with retention and maintaining a positive company culture.

6. Connect on social media

This, too, shall pass. It’s important that as a leader and business owner, you exude a sense of confidence, clarity and hope during these challenging times. Being clear-headed and optimistic is going to help your employees and customers.

The coronavirus has thrown many small businesses for a loop. However, when it comes to opening a candy franchise, now is an ideal time to explore options and see the benefits of this unique business opportunity. To learn more about River Street Sweets franchise opportunities, contact us today.