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Marketing Ideas for Your Confectionery Franchise

on April 1, 2020

No matter how delicious the sweets are at your confectionery franchise, you’ll need to market your business in order to attract customers. How can you get the word out about the tasty treats your franchise offers? Keep the following ideas in mind when you’re working on a marketing plan for your business.

Business Cards

When customers come into your shop to buy candy or other treats, hand them a business card before they leave. Instead of a plain or standard business card, make sure yours stands out with a vivid color scheme or an eye-catching image. Set a holder filled with these cards at your counter and invite customers to take a few and hand them to family members or friends.

Social Media

Being active on social media gives you an opportunity to reach a wider audience of potential customers for your confectionery franchise. You can post on a regular basis to let customers know about new treats your shop is offering or current sales or discounts that are available. Your social media account can also be used to post interesting articles or snippets of information on candies and other sweets, which can prompt comments from customers. This gives you a chance to engage with customers and build a rapport with them while letting them know more about your products.

Local Events

Attending local events is an effective way to gain new customers in your area. Watch for upcoming fairs, food festivals or other relevant events that you can sign up to be part of. Set up a booth with samples of your best candy and other products for locals to try and have business cards handy to pass out at these events.

Holiday Offerings

Tying marketing into upcoming holidays is a great way to encourage customers to visit your shop. Whether they’re looking for sweets for a holiday party or to give as gifts, let customers know which products are ideal for these occasions. If possible, offer gift basket arrangements or holiday party trays or platters.

If you’re looking into investing in a confectionery franchise, contact River Street Sweets. Our franchise opportunities give you a chance to delight customers in your area with homemade ice cream, candy and other sweets. When you buy one of our franchises, you have the advantage of being part of a company that has a well-known reputation for making world-class treats.

6 Marketing Tips for 2020 for Candy Businesses

on February 1, 2020

If you’re thinking about opening a confectionery franchise, knowing how to market your products is a crucial part of your business planning. Here are 6 unique marketing tips for 2020 for your candy business.

1. Hand out samples

Give potential customers a taste of what you have to offer! Handing out candy samples, along with a business card, coupon or brochure, can generate interest. You can also get creative, sharing samples at amusement parks, carnivals, festivals, parades and other community gatherings.

2. Find the Foodies

Food fans are passionate about trying new flavors. Consider participating in local food festivals and community events, purchasing a booth and increasing your exposure. Give passersby a taste and special incentives. Farmers’ markets are another ideal spot to set up shop and give people the chance to give your products a try.

3. Attract foot traffic

Your candy shop is going to have passersby, whether it’s located in a mall or on Main Street. Make sure that potential customers strolling by your window see something to catch their eye. You can consider hiring a professional artist or local art student to paint colorful images in your windows. It’s also a great venue for calling attention to new products, specials or sales.

4. Become a Sponsor

Whether it’s a local youth sports team, a school event, a business mixer or a community celebration, sponsorship opportunities are ideal ways to boost your exposure. Sponsorship opportunities often come with special perks, such as access to attendee contact lists, priority exposure, free advertising and speaking portions of programs. Be sure to get the most out of your sponsorship dollars.

5. Focus on Holidays

If you’re a confectionery franchise, you have plenty of built-in sales and marketing opportunities. Holidays provide seasonal chances to roll out new candies specially tailored to celebrations. Religious observations, kid-centric holidays like Halloween and special occasions such as Mother’s Day and the Fourth of July are all great chances to help your customers get into the spirit.

6. Connect on social media

Your potential and repeat customers are on social media and your business should be too. That means making sure you have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites that appeal to your target audience.

River Street Sweets offers candy franchises with a proven brand, operations guidance and marketing support. Learn more about selling handmade Southern candies and other sweet treats in your very own business by contacting us today.

Holiday Tips for Confectionery Franchises

on January 1, 2020

Are you thinking about buying a confectionery franchise? As the holiday season arrives, confectionery retailers know it’s an ideal time to boost revenue and consumer loyalty.

Here are 5 tips for helping your confectionery franchise be merry in the holidays:

1. Create a Calendar

Defining “the holidays” and what promotions you want to run requires some careful planning. There are lots of “days” to consider and you should decide in which sales days you want to participate, including:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday
  • Small Business Saturday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Free Shipping Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s Day

2. Think Early

Once you’ve determined your calendar, you need to work backward to make sure that your promotions are scheduled so that you can fulfill orders in time for special occasions. You’ll also need to schedule emails, social media, print media and online advertising so that you hit your customers with offers several times in the lead-up to the holidays.

Continue working backward for your customer acquisition strategy. A multichannel approach to acquiring new customers may include paid advertising on social channels such as Facebook and Instagram, paid search on Google and other search engines, and organic search engine optimization strategies.

3. Be Different

Know that all of the strategies for acquiring customers and making sales are ones that your closest competitors are likely also using. That’s why it’s imperative that you have a strategy that differentiates your confectionery franchise site from your competitors. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Buy traffic well before Black Friday to build product awareness and prime your audience for holiday sales
  • Focus on keywords and phrases that focus on intent, such as product-specific searches, “buy [PRODUCT],” “best [PRODUCT],” and “best deal on [PRODUCT]”
  • Create customized offers for your confectionery products that bring customers in the door and online

4. Celebrate Loyalty

Be sure to make your existing customers feel special. Early discounts, special promos or refer-a-friend discounts help to boost your return business. Cultivating your existing relationships is a much easier, and less expensive, way to generate sales.

5. Segment Your Emails

Today’s savvy customers want a relationship with the brands they use. They expect brands to have a complete understanding of their products, interactions and needs. That means you need to segment your email marketing to target past behavior and desired future behavior.

River Street Sweets is a great franchise opportunity. Our popular lines of pralines, saltwater taffy, cakes, pies and gifts are a popular opportunity to own your own business. Learn more about our franchising opportunities by contacting us today.

Keeping Your Ice Cream and Confectionery Franchise Successful During Winter

on December 1, 2019

When you own a confectionery franchise that includes ice cream, sales can be a bit slower during the winter months. Cooler weather means that fewer people are looking for a way to beat the heat with a bowl of ice cream or an ice cream cone. However, you can make sure your franchise stays as busy as ever in winter with the following ideas.

Seasonal Flavors

Customers might not be in the mood for traditional ice cream flavors during winter, but seasonal flavors can be a big hit. Consider offering special flavors for the colder months that tie into the season, such as peppermint, gingerbread, apple cider or even egg nog. Highlight these seasonal flavors in your marketing plan for winter to draw customers to your franchise. Keep in mind that only making these flavors available for a limited time can encourage customers to come to your shop, so that they don’t miss out.

Holiday Gift Offerings

Since the holiday season occurs during winter, this gives you a great way to attract customers to your confectionery franchise. Offer homemade pints of ice cream or jars of homemade ice cream toppings in addition to candy holiday gifts. You can also sell holiday gift cards for your franchise that customers can give to loved ones, which helps you gain new customers.

Hot Toppings

Ice cream on its own might not be a cold weather treat, but hot toppings can change that. Hot fudge, caramel, blueberry sauce, glazed apple slices and other warm toppings can entice customers to stop by on a cold winter day, even if it’s freezing out. Draw attention to these toppings by offering specials on hot fudge sundaes and similar ice cream treats.

Ice Cream Cakes

If you don’t offer ice cream cakes already, consider adding them to your franchise. Customers look for these cakes for birthdays and other special events even in winter. Having a selection of ice cream cakes available that can be personalized can boost business for your franchise all winter long. If your franchise offers homemade candies, keep in mind that you might be able to use these as special toppings for ice cream cakes.

If you’re interested in purchasing a confectionery franchise, please contact River Street Sweets. Our franchise provides you with an opportunity to sell ice cream, homemade sweets and other treats in your area throughout the year.

Scoop Something Sweet with an Ice Cream Franchise

on August 1, 2016

Summer has arrived and that means high temperatures and sunny days. What could be better on a hot summer day than a heaping scoop of ice cream?

couple eating ice creamWe can think of very little that is better, and it seems consumers in the United States agree. On average, Americans eat approximately 20 pounds of ice cream every year, with the majority of that taking place between May and August.

According to the International Dairy Foods Association, ice cream production kicks into gear in March and April to fill retail pipelines for the late spring and early summer. Overall, June is the highest ice cream production month of the year, in order to satisfy ongoing summer demand.

What this means for you: ice cream is a booming industry, despite the growing popularity of frozen yogurt, and a sweet franchise opportunity you should consider investing your business dollars into.

Here at River Street Sweets•Savannah’s Candy Kitchen we’ve become the premiere candy franchise in the South. Our parent companies, River Street Sweets and Savannah’s Candy Kitchen collectively generate about $25 million in annual sales, and have coined a unique and growing market niche in the candy industry.

And we’re expanding on that success by offering select franchisees the opportunity to open a candy franchise that now features ice cream in states like North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and many more locations. In fact, our very first River Street Sweets•Savannah’s Candy Kitchen franchise is Pooler, Georgia serves ice cream along with our famous candies and even operates a custom ice cream cart, a unique feature only found at Tanger Outlets.

One of the best things we did at River Street Sweets and Savannah’s Candy Kitchen is provide our customers a nostalgic experience of watching candy makers hand dip pralines onto giant marble slabs. We’ve taken that same hands-on approach to our ice cream franchise offerings at River Street Sweets•Savannah’s Candy Kitchen.

Everything we do here at River Street Sweets•Savannah’s Candy Kitchen is for the joy of our customers, and it’s led to us becoming one of America’s finest and most successful candy brands. The ice cream market is next on the list. Find out more about our ice cream and candy store franchise opportunity.