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The Benefits Of The Free Samples

on July 19, 2019

If you’re considering becoming a confectionery franchise, you need to know what sets a candy franchise apart from other potential business investments. The magic of candy is, in many ways, that it can sell itself. Most products will stimulate the sense of sight when someone sees it. However, with candy and other sweets you can stimulate the sense of smell and taste. In fact, few other franchise opportunities allow you to offer out free samples to potential customers. The ability to capture the attention of not only their visual senses, but their taste and smell receptors, gives you a distinct advantage over all other business types.

Take Advantage Of The Senses

A warm Praline sample and a sweet smile is an integral part of the guest experience.

People window-shop. This has been going on for hundreds of years. There’s a reason why stores pay designers big money to craft window displays. It’s designed to attract the attention of customers passing buy and draw them in. However, this is completely dependent on visual stimulation. While you can place great looking sweet treats in a window display, it is your ability to attract the other senses that will draw customers in. 

Having the door open on your store will send out tantalizing aromas of sugar, chocolate, and fresh made ice cream cones. This will help bring in customers. Once a guest is inside your store you’ve already increases your potential of making a sale.

However, there will be some who can fight the urge to see what’s making such a delicious smell. But chances are, they will not be able to turn down a free sample.

Everyone loves free stuff. So handing out free, freshly made chocolate or other sweets, can seal the deal and instantly draw the customers in. Ideally you’ll want to use something that is freshly made and matches the aroma they are already smelling.

You’ve already connected with their sense of sight and smell. The small free sample is enough to attract the sense of taste, which may be the last push you need to give to send them into your store. 

 Well Worth The Cost

Your product is the best form of advertising you have. Even if only one person ends up buying something from a full tray of samples you’ll be making money, spreading brand awareness, and creating a customer for life. It is also one of the main benefits of opting into a confectionery franchise. No other business type has a product like this that can sell itself to customers walking by.  

A Chocolate, Ice Cream and Sweet Shop Franchise — All in One!

on July 12, 2017

Did you know that River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen sells more pralines than anyone else in the United States? The praline’s sweet and nutty flavor is one that defines Southern tastes, and for decades RSS•SCK has been a Georgia destination for the best pralines the state has to offer. It’s also one of the biggest draws for those attracted to our sweet and chocolate shop franchise opportunity.

Praline Gift Box

In fact, our pralines are so popular that we thought they were the best vehicle for us to give back to our community. RSS•SCK announced that on June 24, 2017 — aka National Praline Day — we would donate 10% of all praline sales to America’s Second Harvest Food Bank, which provides healthy meals to children who need food assistance during the summer months.

It’s just one example of the kind of family-owned, neighborhood-focused company that RSS•SCK is. We and the owners of our candy store franchises love candy, but we really enjoy sharing pralines as a way to show our love for the community.

RSS•SCK doesn’t just sell pralines! Our candy stores cook up and sell a huge variety of sweets and treats, allowing sweet shop franchise owners to capitalize on many different product lines. It’s like having a chocolate store franchise, ice cream franchise and sweet shop franchise — all in one great store!

The best parts of a chocolate franchise opportunity with RSS•SCK

Milk Chocolate Loggerheads Candy

Pralines might be the Southern star of our operation, but chocolate won’t take a backseat to any other treat! The rich and creamy milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate delights we sell are sure to satisfy the sweet tooth of even the most discriminating chocolate lovers. Our chocolate store franchise opportunity allows investors to sell fudge, sea salt chocolate caramels, chocolate covered glazed pecans, chocolate covered peanuts and chocolate covered toffee.

Standing out among our chocolate franchise options are our signature Loggerheads, a delicious confection made from pecans and caramel, all held together by milk, dark or white chocolate.

Chocolate store franchise owners with RSS•SCK create decadent gourmet chocolate apples right in-house, giving customers the freshest taste. This practice also provides the sweet shop franchise owner a higher profit margin on chocolate apples than they would have bringing these treats in already prepared.

We sweeten the deal with the benefits of an ice cream franchise

variety of ice cream flavors in display case
Along with all the chocolate delights and classic candies our candy store franchise owners sell, RSS•SCK also gives them the option of selling homemade ice cream and gelato at their location. This option to offer aspects of an ice cream franchise widens out the scope of the RSS•SCK opportunity even more. Sweet shop franchise owners use our recipes to make artisanal ice cream and gelato right in the store. Like our chocolate apples, making ice cream in-house presents an opportunity for a higher margin of revenue — music to the ears of someone considering an ice cream franchise!


RSS•SCK is the complete candy store franchise opportunity

Don’t settle for less by investing in a chocolate store franchise or ice cream franchise alone. Follow the Strickland family into a business that combines the best aspects of the industry for a comprehensive sweet shop franchise. Send us a message or call us today at (844) 842-9037 to learn how a chocolate franchise and more could be in your future!