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Not just a candy store Why you should invest in a chocolate franchise with RSS - SCK

It’s hard to imagine a candy store without chocolate, and the River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen chocolate franchise gives you a chance to experience the joy of handcrafting confections from generations-old family recipes. Our chocolate store franchise owners appreciate the excitement of retailing the newest candy creations dreamed up by our chocolatiers!

The mature chocolate industry is not only going strong, but continues to be on the rise, with U.S. profits increasing annually.

U.S. Chocolate Industry Statistics

● $21.7 billion: Chocolate sales in 2016
● $22.4 billion: Projected sales for 2017
● Americans eat about 100 pounds of chocolate per second.

Confections made right on-site at our chocolate store franchises

Making chocolate treats right in the store provides many benefits to chocolate store franchise owners. First, it allows them to retail the freshest products and fulfill orders more efficiently and flexibly. Of course, everyone loves the fun of watching candy being made, and this entertainment aspect drives more guests through the door, and encourages them to stay longer. Also, chocolate franchise owners can expect to make a higher margin on candy they create in the store.

Here are a few chocolate items made inside our stores:

Chocolate Loggerheads®: Chocolate Loggerheads® feature milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate tops, with creamy house made caramel and pecans nestled underneath. The Chocolate Loggerheads® name honors the loggerhead turtle, a native of Georgia, which we support by donating to the Caretta Project.

Chocolate Covered Caramel Apples: Guests choose our chocolate covered caramel apples for their refined and balanced flavors. Crafted in-house, the apple is dressed with deliciously caramel, and then accented by chocolate.

Chocolate fudge: No chocolate store for sale would be complete without a selection of smooth and satisfying fudges, and RSS•SCK chocolate franchise owners make theirs fresh in the store. No one can pass up our award-winning fudge, which makes for a wonderful gift.

Chocolate ice cream: Owners of RSS•SCK chocolate store franchises can create handcrafted chocolate ice cream or gelato at their stores, in addition to many other flavors. Ice cream and gelato sales offer one of the best margins of all our products, and ice cream attracts more guests, especially children.

In addition to the chocolate confections we make on-site, our chocolate franchises sell a huge variety of other chocolate treats:

● Chocolate truffles
● Chocolate-covered pretzels
● Chocolate-covered glazed pecans
● Chocolate-covered almond toffee
● Chocolate nut clusters
● Chocolate candy apples

Chocolate is a go-to gift among Americans, with more than $354 million of chocolate being sold during Valentine’s Day week alone and 71 million pounds sold annually for the Easter holiday.

If you’re considering investing in a chocolate store for sale, River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen presents a multi-faceted chocolate franchise option. Besides our incredible chocolate offerings, our stores also sell hundreds of other candies and sweets. Guests can purchase their treats in the store, via in-store mail-order and shop online.

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