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Choosing the Right Location

By Cat Kahnle in Blog on February 14, 2019

Lisa Warriner at her Greenville, SC ribbon cutting February 8, 2019
Lisa Warriner at her Greenville, SC ribbon cutting February 8, 2019

River Street Sweets has been a Savannah staple for years. Locals and tourists alike all love walking the cobblestone paths of River Street as the smell of freshly made candy fills the air, bringing them into the world class candy store. From toffee and fudge to bear claws (Loggerheads) and chocolate covered nuts, this family owned candy store is as much a part of Savannah as Forsyth Park, horse drawn carriages, the Girl Scouts, and the Mercer House. And now, you can bring a little slice of Southern heaven into your own neck of the woods by taking advantage of a franchise opportunity.

As is the case with River Street Sweets, location is so important. It’s not just about setting up shop anywhere. You need to be where the people are! Where the smell of warm, caramelized sugar and chocolate fills the air. Have you ever walked past a bakery with no intent on buying bread but that wonderful smell caught you by the nose and pulled you in? That’s what you want with your candy shop. You want to be around foot traffic, where pedestrians walk past and see you making the candy and, just as important, smell you making the candy. You then seal the deal with a free sample and they just can’t stop at one bite.

So when searching for a destination for your very own River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, you need to search for the right location. Where do people walk? Is there a favorite location in town where workers, families and visitors to town commonly visit and walk past? If so, that’s where you want to be. Because while people have access to candy throughout the day, it’s the sweet smell of freshly made handmade candies that brings them in.

Inside the Greenville, SC franchise location.

Opening Your Own Candy Franchise Heaven Has Never Been Easier.

Running a candy franchise is fun! When you were a kid, if you could have opened a candy shop, wouldn’t you have? As the owner of a River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, it’s your job to put smiles on faces. People from all walks of life, having all kinds of days, will walk past, and the moment they smell what you’re making and taste a bit of buttery, sweetened heaven, they’ll forget their troubles and know there really is a heaven, because they just bit into it. That’s what owning a candy shop is all about and why it’s so important to find that perfect location to share your joy with those around you