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Get Serious Support With Our Sweet Shop Franchise Offering

on February 2, 2017

At its heart, River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen is a family company. We have a long history of working together to make our businesses the best they can be, and we have the same attitude about our franchisees. Investors who buy our candy store for sale find that we approach every store as one of our own.

We offer our franchisees the best support during the setup of their store, when creating their candy store business plan, and for the life of the franchise. It’s part of what makes our sweet shop franchise offering so enticing.

Deciding on a site for your sweet shop franchise

Our stores fit perfectly in a number of venues, so you might have trouble choosing one! We can help you consider several factors, including foot traffic, tourist density, the presence of hotels and restaurants, visibility, complementary tenant mix in the shopping center, rent, adequate square footage and proper exposure. Once you’ve decided on a site for your candy store franchise, we’ll offer you a set of prototype plans and specifications for the exterior and interior design and layout of your store, including the counters and display cases that will hold the incredible confections you’ll sell at your very own candy store franchise.

Apples display at River Street Sweets
Some franchisees take advantage of our Turn-Key Construction Service, which is a complete package of tasks that we undertake on your behalf, including:

  • Development of designs and cost estimates
  • Drafting of construction documents and plans
  • Filing of permit applications
  • Construction of the interior and façade of the store
  • Technical installations in the store
  • Furniture and cash register delivery and fit-out
  • Initial cleaning prior to opening


Our candy store for sale provides comprehensive training

From basic business operations to cooking up candies, our in-depth franchise training covers every aspect of our policies and procedures. You’ll feel confident that you have all the knowledge and tools you need to have an exciting grand opening and to poise you for business growth. You, your manager, and other key employees will join us to learn all about our brand, including:

  • Hands-on training on special candy making techniques
  • “The art of sampling”
  • Best practices for merchandising

Nothing can replace in-person assistance, so we’ll be on-site for a minimum of 10 days adjacent to your store’s grand opening. We’ll also conduct regular in-store visits, so you have a chance to ask questions and get guidance in the most efficient and hands-on way possible.

Moving forward with your candy store business plan

As your business develops, our seasoned team will continue to offer support to your sweets shop franchise. You’ll always be able to count on us to answer questions and work through problems. To help you get through the day-to-day, we’ll provide you with our confidential franchise operations manual and our straightforward, all-inclusive POS system. Great advertising and marketing is crucial to business growth, and we’ll help you get the word out about your candy store franchise by providing materials for consistent local advertising, promotions, special displays, seasonal offerings, mail order catalogues and more!

Start planning for your own candy store franchise

Learn more about the excellent support benefits that come along with our candy store for sale. Contact us at (844) 842-9037 or

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Industry Study Supports Viability of Sweets Franchise Opportunity

on January 28, 2017

With the release of a new study, the food industry research group FONA confirms a delicious fact: Americans love to snack. Although it’s true that more Americans these days are embracing a healthier diet and way of life, the nationwide study shows they still love to indulge in their favorite treats. While 33% of those surveyed said they are snacking on healthier foods this year than last year, 62% admit to snacking to satisfy a craving.

Of those surveyed, 50% said they crave classic indulgences, just like the delicious confections cooked up by those who invest in the River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen sweets franchise opportunity. This survey proves now more than ever that this ice cream franchise and candy store for sale is an exciting opportunity worth serious consideration.

An ice cream franchise that’s really heating up

customers eating ice cream at River Street Sweets

Ice cream was one of the top indulgences craved by people in FONA’s survey, and it’s no surprise. According to, the average American eats 48 pints of ice cream per year. The ice cream franchise opportunity offered by RSS•SCK lets you get a scoop of this popularity, as you serve up delicious dishes in an old-fashioned sweet shop environment. We’re seeking investors to open sweets shop franchises in Florida and sweets shop franchises in Texas, both great ice cream states! With their warm climates and many vacation destinations, an ice cream franchise fits right in within either state’s atmosphere.

The right products for a sweets franchise opportunity in Texas

candy making kitchen
RSS•SCK is known nationwide for its incredible selection of Southern sweets, including candies, cakes, chocolate and fudge. What did the people surveyed by FONA identify as their favorite indulgences? The top four cited were chocolate, ice cream, cake and candy! What better way to tap into the secret cravings of Texans than to take advantage of RSS•SCK’s candy store for sale? You’ll serve up our famous pralines, caramels, fudge, candied nuts, brittles, popcorn and chocolates, among many other mouth-watering selections. It’s all those classic indulgences that make people happy, and your RSS•SCK sweets franchise will make your Texas customers smile.

The right concept for a sweets franchise opportunity in Florida

River street store wall of candy
In the FONA study, 29% of respondents said they seek out indulgence as an experience. That means they’re looking for more than instant gratification — they want to spend time enjoying and learning, embracing the fun of the moment. With the RSS•SCK sweets franchise opportunity, you can offer that experience with an interactive candy demonstration in which customers can watch candy being made right in front of their eyes. An experience-enhanced retail store is a perfect fit for a vacation destination, making RSS•SCK the ideal sweets franchise opportunity in Florida. And we’ll offer you complete training to learn how to create all of our tasty confections!

Learn more about the River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen ice cream franchise and sweets franchise opportunity
We can’t wait to talk to you about everything RSS•SCK’s candy store for sale has to offer you! Contact us today to learn more. Call (844) 842-9037 or email us at

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Bring Southern Hospitality to your Neck of the Woods

on January 22, 2017

Sweet and inviting — you can describe our tasty sweets the same way you describe the South. The people of the southern states are well known for their hospitality, welcoming visitors with a hearty laugh and delicious food. The only problem is, not everyone has the opportunity to travel down south to experience it for themselves. Luckily, River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen sweets shop franchise owners can bring a little southern hospitality to every state and city, no matter what corner of the country they call home. Here are three reasons why River Street Sweets’ sweet Savannah taste isn’t just for Georgia anymore.

At Our Sweet Shop Franchise, Guests Come First

Candy wall at River Street Sweets
Since our opening in 1977, we have stood by our southern manner of ensuring that each of our customers, old and new, feel welcome and right at home upon entering our shops. This means that whether you buy a candy store for sale among the bustling streets of New York City, the Rockies of Colorado or the waves of the West Coast, you have the chance to treat the people who enter your store like guests in your home, not only customers in your store. The special, personalized experience you offer will leave a positive, lasting impression on your guests, building brand loyalty and giving you the satisfaction of knowing your delicious southern delicacies and sweet southern attitude put a smile on their faces.

Our Sweets Shop Franchise Treats are Timeless

making candy at River Street Sweets
No matter where you’re from, it seems like everyone can agree that life is sweeter when we indulge in dessert from time to time, and the American South boasts some of the best sweet treats in the whole world. You’ll share the tastes of Georgia with candy-lovers around the U.S. and around the globe when you open an RSS•SCK sweets shop franchise. From our peanut brittle to our hand-dipped chocolates and pralines, nobody does Southern candies quite like we do. But remember, happiness is meant to be shared! Spread sweets and smiles by bringing a RSS•SCK to the place you call home.

Our Sweets Shop Franchises Bring People Together

customers inside River Street Sweets candy store
In the South, guests are treated like family and conversation is unhurried. Investors who open their own candy store for sale with RSS•SCK will find that our company not only values providing quality southern style sweets, but also the memories they help create for our customers. Guests of your store will enjoy watching in-person candy making demonstrations, creating a community experience and keeping them in the store longer. When they take candy and cake home, their friends and family will gather around to enjoy the delicacies, learning all about your candy store franchise and asking how they can buy their own treats.


Bring a Slice of Savannah to Your Town With Our Sweets Shop Franchise

If you’re ready to offer the sweet tastes of the South to candy-lovers near you, learn more about our candy franchise opportunities and find out how you can open your very own River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen franchise location today!

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Monday Morning Radio

on January 20, 2017

For the last three years, River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen has worked to build a superior franchise system to offer our delectable Southern treats to people across the country. Much of those efforts have stemmed from our rich family history and ability to work together as a family.

On Monday, Dec. 26, 2016, Monday Morning Radio’s Dean Rotbart visited with our co-owner and co-CEO Jennifer Strickland to learn how our unique family dynamic has provided us the opportunity to offer a one-of-a-kind franchise opportunity. Listen to Jennifer’s interview here!


on January 2, 2017

Becoming the country’s largest praline producer doesn’t come without a few challenges and a whole lot of hard work, and we at River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen know all about that.

On Monday, Dec. 19, Forbes learned all about that too. The worldwide business magazine sat down with RSS • SCK proprietors Stan, Jennifer and Tim Strickland to learn about the company, its history and how it became the candy juggernaut that it is today. Check out the amazing coverage here!

Sweets Shop Franchise Offers Three Revenue Streams

on January 1, 2017

If you’re looking for a sweets shop franchise and you’re trying to decide what option is right for you, consider an opportunity that allows you to open your own candy store while you also make additional revenue through other channels. When you own your own River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen franchise, you can experience the excitement and personal experience of selling homemade candy, ice cream and fudge to happy customers in your brick-and-mortar store, while you also retail your specialties online and to catalog shoppers. With these three revenue streams, you can bring quality southern candies to dessert lovers across the country.

savannah candy kitchen nashville storefront

Sweets shop franchise store locations

All of our stores are designed to incorporate our guests into the candy-making experience, which is what makes us stand out amongst other candy stores and keeps our loyal customers coming back time and time again. Our candy store for sale lets guests enjoy watching firsthand what goes into making our homemade treats, providing a unique and intimate customer experience. After seeing our hand-dipped pralines and smelling our fresh caramel popcorn, customers can’t pass up the opportunity to bring home their favorites and share them with friends, family and neighbors. See our River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen franchise store locations.

Sweets shop franchise online store

Of course we would love if everyone had the opportunity to visit one of our many southern locations, but we know that’s just not possible. Those who do visit our stores sometimes have cravings that just can’t wait, or they’re looking for a great gift. Fortunately, our website provides a online candy store that never closes! No matter where our customers are located or when they want to shop, our online store allows for convenient national and global access, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a sweets shop franchisee, this means never having to worry about missing out on potential customers. The website is attractive, professional and easy to navigate, and as a sweets shop franchisee with RSS•SCK, you’ll benefit from our online orders, which will ship from our candy making headquarters.

Sweets shop franchise mail-order catalog

There’s something comforting about holding a catalog in your hand and being able to browse the pages at your own leisure, circling items you are interested and dog-earing pages to return to at a later time. Some may call it old-school, but some of our customers like the experience of ordering from a classic paper catalog. Catalog sales also helps foster RSS•SCK corporate gift program, in integral part of our mail-order business. RSS•SCK sweets shop franchisees can earn revenue from catalog orders that include their store code. Plus, catalog shoppers are more likely to venture into our online shop, giving you the chance to drive even more revenue.

River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen Candy Store for Sale

If you’re interested in a sweets shop franchise that gives you more ways to earn, it’s time to learn more about the River Street Sweets•Savannah’s Candy Kitchen candy franchise opportunity. You could be making sweet treats for happy customers soon!

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Southern Living

on December 15, 2016

We’ve never doubted our passionate and devoted customers here in the heart of Savannah, but as we expand River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, it’s becoming more and more apparent that our delectable treats are loved by people across the country.

On Wednesday, Dec. 7, Southern Living, one of the largest lifestyle magazines in the country, highlighted the growing popularity of our Southern candies and shared our famous recipes, just in time for the Christmas holiday. To read about our World Famous Pralines and southern Divinity, visit Southern Living.

Candy Stores for Sale in Texas and Florida Appeal to Vacation Crowd

on December 15, 2016

According to the U.S. Travel Association, travelers spent billions of dollars in the United States in 2015. Direct spending by resident and international travelers in the U.S. averaged:

franchise family in front of River street sweets candy store
Grand opening of River Streets Sweets candy store with franchisee’s family.
  • $2.6 billion a day,
  • $108.1 million an hour,
  • $1.8 million a minute, and
  • $30,033 a second.

Isn’t it about time you got a piece of this pie? River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen (RSS•SCK) is now offering the opportunity to become a part of the thriving domestic travel market with candy stores for sale via our U.S. franchise opportunity. Our stores are perfect for vacation destinations, with their fun, interactive environment and nostalgic charm.

And good news! We’re looking for excited, candy-loving people to open one of our fudge shop franchise stores in Texas and Florida. If you’re curious about how you can create a destination for fun and delicious candy, while also being part of business backed by a 40-year-old brand, learn more about what your RSS•SCK sweets franchise might look like.

Why open a candy store franchise in  Florida?

Long a vacation hub for people around the world, Florida continues to host millions of visitors every year. More than 106 million people visited the Sunshine State in 2015. Many of these visitors went to enjoy the theme parks, shopping, the sandy beaches and beautifully warm weather.

Vacationers want to treat themselves, and with your own candy store franchise, you can take advantage of this marketplace of people who are looking for a fun experience and a tasty treat — and who are ready to spend a little disposable income.

At RSS•SCK candy store franchises, customers can buy our handmade Southern sweets, including World Famous Pralines®, saltwater taffy, hand stretched peanut brittle and pecan pies. But, they’ll linger to watch live candy making, performed right in the store by you or your on-site candy-maker. This live, almost interactive experience offers an exciting draw, setting you apart from other sweets franchises in Florida. We’ll teach you how to create delicious confections that will keep the cash register in your sweets franchise ringing.

Tourism hubs such as Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Naples and even Daytona Beach would make wonderful destinations for our candy store franchise.


Why buy a candy store franchise in Texas?

When it comes to tourism, the Lone Star State is anything but lonely. According to, 220 million people visited Texas in 2012, representing the third-largest share of U.S. visitation that year.

With thriving urban hubs including Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and Austin, and historic, romantic venues like San Antonio, Texas offers so many venues for a RSS•SCK candy store franchise.

Our fun and colorful stores will catch the eyes of passersby, and draw them in with the delicious candy set out in the window. Once inside, they’ll enjoy a classic candy shop atmosphere that invites them to stay and buy a few tasty treats. They can also take a break from the Gulf Coast heat by grabbing an ice cream cone from the old-fashioned ice cream parlor in your Texas candy store franchise.

Choose  a   River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen candy store franchise

If you want to start a business that offers both delicious sweet delicacies while taking advantage of the vibrant and fun tourism market, the RSS•SCK is a sweet choice. Here are our current candy store locations and also our candy store franchise locations we are looking to expand in. Have more question about opening a candy store? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. Learn more about the steps for franchising and cook up your sweets franchise today!

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Fudge Shop Franchise Connects With Community

on December 1, 2016

fudge display inside river street sweets

Since we opened our doors more than 40 years ago, River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen has been proud member of the community, and has shown its devotion to its neighbors by giving back.

As you search for U.S. franchise opportunities including fudge shop franchises, consider allying yourself with a company that cares as much about their fellow man as they do the bottom line. We love making life a little sweeter for the people around us, and we have a candy store for sale where you can do the same thing. Our fundraising, donation and sponsorship efforts not only aid people and animals in need, they also increase visibility of our business and awareness of our delicious products.

In 2016, we contributed to many causes in the communities where our stores operate.

In November, we baked and donated pecan pies to the third annual Pie in the SCI. The fundraising event benefits Senior Citizens Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people age successfully.

In October, to celebrate the launch of our first fudge shop franchise at Tanger Outlet Mall in Pooler, Georgia, we hosted a fundraiser for the Caretta Research Project. Proceeds from all Chocolate Loggerhead sales on Oct. 23 were donated to CRP, a hands-on research, conservation and education project that has been protecting loggerhead sea turtles on Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge since 1973.

Back in April, we were a sponsor of the third annual Wine, Women and Shoes event in Savannah, which raised funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Coastal Empire. Our World Famous Pralines and glazed pecans helped make it a sweet evening.

In February, we were a sponsor of Love Walk 2016, which benefitted Wesley Community Centers in Savannah, whose mission is to promote the economic, educational and spiritual growth of women, children and families.

We enthusiastically partner with local food drives, Meals on Wheels, Bethesda Home for Boys and many nonprofit organizations, in addition to encouraging regular fundraisers at our candy franchise shops.

Learn more about how you can ally yourself with a generous, caring brand that is involved in the community by opening your own fudge shop franchise with River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. Find out more about this fantastic franchise opportunity!

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Restaurateurs Make Perfect Candy Store Franchise Owners

on November 16, 2016

River Street Sweets candy store interior display

The River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen franchise concept is so great, it truly sells itself. A strong reputation precedes our candy store franchise brand, thanks to our famous, mouth-watering Southern candies and treats! For someone who has prior experience in restaurant management or has worked within the industry in some capacity, the RSS • SCK experience can be even more fulfilling.

Some of the key components to running a streamlined, efficient candy shop operation include presentation, selection and location—all ideas that are very familiar to those coming from the restaurant world.

Candy  Presentation

One of the elements that set RSS • SCK apart from its competitors is the show-like presentation of products in each of our stores. Delicious candies and treats are made in front of customers while they wait – adding an entertainment factor to every customer’s visit. There’s nothing quite like watching a praline created on a marble slab right in front of you! Add to that top-quality packaging and display options, and our products seem to fly off the shelves. If you’re coming from the restaurant industry, you’re probably familiar with this concept of presentation – having seen it in plating, table presentation, and more. This gives you a leg-up in the running of a candy store franchise business!

Quality  Candy  Selection

Whether customers are coming to your candy store franchise location for caramel apples, pralines or pecan pie, the products on offer can make or break your candy business. This is not dissimilar to a restaurant’s menu, and those who are familiar with this concept will certainly understand the need for a superior product. Luckily, one look at RSS • SCK’s menu will assure you of that superiority!

Candy  Store   Location

Similar to a restaurant, a candy business will not thrive in just any location—a business owner must be thoughtful about where he or she decides to place their candy business. Anyone who has gone through this careful process before will have a solid advantage. Restaurateurs, in particular, will likely have encountered this particular aspect of business ownership before – making them even more prepared to own and operate a candy store franchise like River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen.

When it comes to launching a Southern candy shop franchise business like ours, passion and business sense can go a long way! Restaurateurs are known for possessing these qualities and more – making them great potential franchise owners.

Want to know more about how River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen can help you fulfill your professional goals? Request information from our candy store franchise support team today — give us a (844) 842-9037 or email

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